Accelerated Reader
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 About Accelerated Reader:
  • Accelerated Reader is a curriculum-based assessment tool that provides a summary and analysis of results to enable teachers to monitor both the quantity and quality of reading practice engaged in by their students
  • Students administer comprehension tests voluntarily themselves, and the system is intended specifically to have strong formative effects on subsequent learning.
  • After reading, the student takes a quick computerized test. The Ar system awards  students points based on the results, and keeps a complete record.
  • Each book is assigned a point value based on the number of words it contains and its reading difficulty, as derived from a formula based on the well-known Flesch-Kincaid readability index that considers the number of syllables in words and sentence complexity.
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All students with an 80% or higher average are eligible for the following incentives when they reach the correct number of points!


  • 25 points -    A pick from the treasure chest & entry into the 25 point club drawing.
  • 50 points -    Entry into the 50 point club and a t-shirt from the Principal
  • 100 points-  One entry into the 100 point poster contest and a gift from the Principal.
  • 200 Points - Your name on the wall of fame!!
Other Incentives: 
Each month, 
Students in grades 1-2 who get 5 points per month and maintain an 80% average will be eligible to go to the gym for extra gym/play time incentive.

Students in grades 3-6 take the STARR reading test. This test gives each child a monthly goal based upon his or her individual reading skill. In order to participate in the incentive students must meet or exceed their monthly goal and maintain an 80% average will be eligible to go to the gym for extra gym/play time incentive. 
Once in December and once in May, a special drawing will be held to give away a brand new bicycle. To be eligible for the drawing, a student must have read at least one AR book each month and have an average of 80%.

The Carnival is a special treat for students who reach their stretch goal for their grade level. 

Reach your grade level 
point goal with an 80% or higher average and you will be invited to the end of the year AR Carnival. 

  • 1st Grade            20 points 
  • 2nd Grade           40 points
  • 3rd Grade            50 points
  • 4th Grade            60 points
  • 5th Grade            80 points
  • 6th Grade           100 points